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Prabhu Shankar Kaliappan

Ph.D Student
Lehrgebäude 1C, Room 314c
Phone: +49 (0355) 693247
Fax: +49 (0355) 692127
E-mail: psk @

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Prabhu Shankar Kaliappan
BTU Cottbus
Computer Science Department
Chair Computer Networks
P.O.Box 10 13 44
03013 Cottbus Germany
Prabhu Shankar Kaliappan
Chair Computer Networks
LG1c / R 314c
Walther-Pauer-Str. 2
03046 Cottbus Germany
  Research Area
  • Communication Protocol
  • Component-Oriented Modeling
  • Model-Driven Development

--> Theses topics <--

  • Kaliappan, P.S.; Vogel, M.; König, H.: Component-Oriented Verification for Protocol Designs Using the SPIN Model Checker, 6th India Software Engineering Conference, New Delhi, 2013 (Submitted).

  • Kaliappan, P.S.; König, H.: On the Formalization of UML Activities for Component-Based Protocol Design Specification, 38th International Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science, Špindlerv Mlýn, Czech Republic, LNCS 7147, pp. 479-491. Springer, Prague (2012).

  • Kaliappan, P.S.: Uncertainty, Protocol Behavior Prediction Through Chaos Theory?, IEEE International Conference on Uncertainty Reasoning and Knowledge Engineering, Bali, Indonesia,  Volume 1, pp. 20-23. IEEE,  Bali (2011).

  • Kaliappan, P.S.; König, H.: An Approach to Synchronize UML-based Design Components for Model-Driven Protocol Development, IEEE 34th Software Engineering Workshop, Ireland, Volume 1550-6215/11, pp. 27-35, IEEE Computer Society, Limerick, Ireland (2011).

  • Kaliappan, P.S.; König, H.; Schmerl, S.: Model-Driven Protocol Design Based on Component Oriented Modeling. In: J.S. Dong and H. Zhu (eds.) 12th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods (ICFEM 2010), Shanghai. LNCS 6447, pp. 613--629. Springer, Heidelberg (2010)

  • Kaliappan, P.S.; Koenig, H.; Kaliappan, V.K.: Designing and Verifying Communication Protocols  using Model Driven Architecture and Spin Model Checker. IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE 2008), Wuhan, China, Dec. 2008. Extended paper in Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA).

  • Kaliappan, V.K.; Kaliappan, P.S.; Quy, N.X.; Min, D.; Choi, E.: A Structured Template for an Effcient Dependable System Design Using Model Driven Architecture and Spin Tool. In: International Conference on Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology, IEEE computer society, pp. 126-132, 2008.

  • Kaliappan.P.S.: Designing Dependable Distributed Systems Using Model Driven Architecture Techniques - An Approach. Proc. of the Computer Science Report 03/07, pp. 49-56, 2007.

  • Kaliappan, P.S.; Wloka, U.: Investigations to the Conformance about Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, Sybase with respect to SQL:2003 Standard. Datenbank-Spektrum Volume 7 Number 23, 2007.

  Survey and Unpublished Articles
  • Kaliappan, P.S.; König, H.: Model Transformation from cTLA Process onto Promela for Model Checking the Protocol Designs, June 2011 (on request)

  • Kaliappan, P.S.; König, H.: Component-Oriented Protocol Design Verification Using Model Checking, June 2011 (on request)

  • Kaliappan, P.S.: cTLA-based Semantics Specification for UML Activity diagram, Dec 2010.

  • Kaliappan, P.S.; König, H,; Schmerl, S.: Formal Methods Integration to UML-based Design Specification, April 2010.

  • Kaliappan, P.S.; König, H,; Schmerl, S.: Model-Driven Protocol Design Based on Component Oriented Modeling, Feb 2010

  • Kaliappan, P.S.: Uncertainty, Protocol Behavior Prediction Through Chaos Theory? A short paper to illustrate the similarities between the communication protocols and nature theroy, July 2009.

  • Kaliappan, P.S.: Extracting the Functional Properties from Design Models as LTL for Model Checking. June 2009.

  • Kaliappan, P.S.: Formalizing UML Activity Diagram by cTLA Through Model Theoretic Semantics. May 2009

  • Kaliappan, P.S.: Synchronizing UML Sequence and Activity diagrams for an Effective Communication Protocol Design. April 2009.

  • Kaliappan, P.S.: A Survey on Model based Verification techniques. State of the Art, May 2008.

  • Kaliappan, P.S.: A Survey on Model Driven Architecture. State of the Art, Dec 2007.

  Seminars &  Lectures
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